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Knit With Feeling

I love to knit. Not discounting the occasional cuss word when perfect is not achieved,
I have to say I find it relaxing and knitting brings me peace.

That said, there was “The Sweater”. ......want to read more?

Sock Blockers.....a Luxury or a Necessity?

If you are a knitter you know how popular knitting socks is right now.  Either you're already busy collecting a drawer full of them, of you're perusing patterns and knitting forums getting ready to knit your first pair. ........want to read more?

Knitting....My Passion

I always wanted to be good at something, no not just good, I wanted to excel.
Everyone does, whether they admit it or not. .....want to read more?

Knitting Cleanses Minds and Wounds

The soft click and clack as I stitch a scarf sings me into tranquillity. If it were yoga, it would be the downward-facing dog, the revitalizing stretch said to help calm the brain, rest the heart and energize the body......want to read more?

Knitting for the Deserving

Half the year is already gone. I took the opportunity over the past few weeks to reflect on my knitting, gift giving and the resolution I took last January, which I haven’t respected much at all. July is always a good time to think about New Year’s resolutions; why we took them and why we didn’t uphold them. I find it’s a good way to get to know oneself a little bit better and to refocus for the rest of the year......want to read more?

I'm a Stubborn Old Knitter

I am so set in my ways……when did I reach the age where 'can't teach an old dog new tricks' fits me to a 'T'?......want to read more?

Preventing Knitting Pain

Knitting is such a passive hobby we aren't necessarily focused on preventing injury.  We can sustain injury and pain from our beloved passion.....want to read more?

I am a Knitting Addict

If you are a passionate knitter; you know who you are… are the person who, just for a fleeting second, wonder if it might be worth taking your knitting into the bathroom with you instead of a magazine......want to read more?

The Benefits of Knitting Circles

I was reading Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and was struck by something very powerful. He said that our growing fear and insecurity about work, finances, the future, and the vulnerability that comes with that fear is really paralyzing our society. .....want to read more?

The New "Granny Chic"

Pensioner Rose Ward has settled down to some knitting while she waits for the potatoes to boil. With her dog Toby at her feet, she sets to work and as her nimble fingers click away, a delicate gossamer web emerges.....want to read more?

Knitting Isn't Like Skydiving

You know, one of the most wonderful things I’ve heard lately is that knitting isn’t like skydiving. There’s very little that you can do when you’re knitting that you can’t take back or even accept as a flaw and move on. .....want to read more?

A Jacket's Not a Jacket When It's a Sweater, See?

Soon after we moved from New York to the warmer climate of Northern California, my three daughters unanimously decided that the article of clothing commonly known as the jacket did not exist. .....want to read more?

It's All Relative

I must admit that I have never done a survey and my conclusions would be considered unscientific, but I am fairly certain that when any of us think of who taught us to knit, a family relationship or special friendship comes to mind. .....want to read more?

How Knitters Can Make the Most of Knitting Books

Knitting is an art that needs considerable talent. But talent also needs to be polished and if you have an interest you can polish it so that you can master the art of knitting very well. .....want to read more?

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Being a first-time gardener this spring season, I can’t help but relate my passion for knitting to what I feel might become another passion in my life - gardening. .....want to read more?


As summer wanes, I love to muse on all things knitting. We live in such an uproarious world; days come and go with little of anything harmonious fitting into the hours......want to read more?

The Yarn's Flying....

Carol Kilgore lives the rush-rush life of the typical young ad executive, with stress-filled workdays that stretch into the evening. So she pampers herself in off hours with a soothing, meditative pastime that some hipsters are calling "the new yoga." .....want to read more?

Knitting Neighbors

From National Public Radio to pierced teenagers in the yarn store, everyone knows that knitting is suddenly cool. It's the "new yoga," says one magazine article; it's part of a post-Sept. 11 trend toward cocooning, say psychologists. .....want to read more?

Knitting is All in Your Head

What, you say? In my head?! I am up to my elbows in eyelash yarn, I can't find my place in the row, and my knitting needles are about to duel with each other! .....want to read more?

Knitting....A Creative Work of Art

Knitting is a creative work of art. It is a method of interlocking a series of loops of yarn or thread to construct a fabric. .....want to read more?

New Generation........

Baby boomers shunned it, but their kids call it hip. It seems trendy types everywhere are learning to knit. .....want to read more?

Boredom and Frustration - A Knitter's Best Friend

It seems a bit unusual to consider boredom and frustration to be a knitter’s best friend. I know that it wasn’t my friend when I began to knit. It’s that feeling that makes you want to give up in the middle of a project or makes you want to stab your needles in your leg. .....want to read more?

Yarn in Your Medicine Cabinet

"Knit two rows and call me in the morning" is not medical advice you will see written on your doctor's prescription pad, but if we take a closer look, knitting has some great benefits to your health and well-being. .....want to read more?

Mitts Giving

Yes, it is the first week of December and those of us with a true crafting spirit feel compelled to make at least one or two handcrafted items for gift-giving this coming holiday season. .....want to read more?

5 Most Popular Knitting Stitch Types

Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting! Even if you've been here for a while, there is always something new about this most fascinating craft!

Let me start by introducing you to the five stitch types that I believe are at the very heart of knitting! .....want to read more?

Teaching Us Old Dogs New Knits

Turning on the radio last Saturday, I found myself tuned into an interview about to begin with a group of artisans who were in the process of setting up a craft show. When the first craftsperson identified herself as a knitter, the interviewer immediately responded, "You sound too young to be a knitter!" .....want to read more?

Spring Cleaning

Spring, the season of renewal, is finally here accompanied by certain traditions that are embedded in the rhythm of our lives. .....want to read more?

Gauge Counts

Even though you may want to jump right in there and start using a knitting pattern it is a good idea to make a gauge swatch. Don't skip this step, you will be sorry and it's not worth it. .....want to read more?

Earning Your Stripes

A "stripe" is defined as "a line or long narrow section differing in color or texture from parts adjoining". Knitting is a natural when it comes to creating stripes. The needles act as guardian of the straight line, that crossover point, where changes in color or texture can be made. .....want to read more?

And The Bead Goes On

Memories of the Sixties - love beads, hippie beads, beads on a string around necks and wrists, homemade, handmade, swinging with long hair and flowered skirts. Beads were such a strong element of that fashion era. .....want to read more?

Knitting Essentials – Caring For Your Knitted Items

When I have spent hours working on knitting a sweater, I want to make sure it looks as good after a dozen washes as it did the day I was knitting it. .....want to read more?

Stash Flow

Knitters are well-known as experienced hunters and gatherers. They actively stalk yarn and are constantly scouting around for new colors and textures. Once the game is bagged, they furtively store it in the nooks and crannies of their homes, much like squirrels hide nuts for the coming winter. .....want to read more?

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