I'm a Stubborn Old Knitter by Holly Burnham

I am so set in my ways……when did I reach the age where 'can't teach an old dog new tricks' fits me to a 'T'?

Knitting is my passion and I devote far more time to it than I should.  That said, wouldn't you think I would be anxious to learn every technique out there?  Well….you'd think…..and you'd be wrong.

I have knit the most luxurious and warm wool socks for my husband and myself for years.  We almost look forward to the first crisp autumn day as we know I will soon be replacing our summer socks with something far more heavenly.

I have always just used double point needles to knit my socks.  I have suffered through snapped needles, needles falling out of the unmade sock, readjusting stitches as I knit and the fear that as you take your project out of the knitting bag you will destroy the previous day's efforts by dislodging the socks from the needles. 

I have read with utter disinterest the joys of "Magic Loop" and how I can soar using two circulars.  Using either method, doncha know, would mandate giving up the "right:" way to knit socks.

I recently I visited my friends yarn shop.  The fact she owns the yarn shop is of immense delight to me.  She offers, and I accept, a healthy discount, which allows me to stash enhance in a way I might not have been able to, if say, she had decided to be a librarian instead.  She was sitting and knitting a sock using two circular needles.  In the minutes I visited I watched the cuff of said sock emerge from a cast edge to measurable inches!  What is going on here?  Looks like my socks…feels like my socks…but grows like the whiskers on my middle aged chin.

I cautiously purchased two 16" - #2 circular needles and proceeded home to my rocker.

I am here to tell you …..there is no greater pleasure than admitting you were pigheaded about something like this.  My sock drawer is going to be full!  I love socks on 2 circulars.

Now…..what's this I hear about knitting two socks at the same time on 2 circulars?  Rubbish………I'll never do that.


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